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Life Policy Review

There’s policy review…
and then there’s policy review with RDU.

Life insurance policies should be viewed like any other financial asset requiring periodic evaluation to ensure:

  • The policy is and will continue to perform as originally designed.
  • The policy remains suitable for the client.
  • Policy pricing and underwriting assessment is the most competitive in today’s market.

We believe the largest lever in the transaction is underwriting. That’s why RDU is such a critical component of our policy review. BSMG has a unique ability to create differential outcomes so we can deliver outstanding results on difficult to underwrite cases. It’s not ONLY about the product, it’s about the underwiting.

RDU reduces premiums by
34% on average.

Advisor Toolbox

Check out our most used information, forms, and checklists. Our policy review team is always available for additional questions and guidance. Contact us at any time. 

Underperforming permanent policies can be dramatically improved through a formal policy review.

Since 1995, dividend rates on whole life policies have steadily decreased as shown in this chart, providing an opportunity for you to review your client’s policy and provide a solution that is in their best interest.

Start the Conversation

Need help with a policy review? Let us know and a team member will reach out to you directly to discuss your case.


BSMG policy review identifies underperforming permanent policies and changing client needs


Male, aged 40, wants to maximize death benefit with lifetime guarantees.

Current Policy – Whole Life

  • Death Benefit: $4.5M
  • Premium: $47,051 – full pay

Assess and identify products to meet the client’s desire to increase the death benefit with a guarantee for life.

Best option: exchange the value of the policy into a variable universal life policy.

  • Premium remains the same.
  • Added $4M to death benefit to $9.5M guaranteed.
  • Premiums invested so growth can increase death benefit to potential $17.5M at age 90.
bsmg pol review

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