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Carrier Annuity Tools

Links to information from our most popular carriers; including income calculators, agent/client log in information, and various volatility control microsites.

American General

The Power Series of Index Annuities® Range of Outcomes Calculator

  • See the hypothetical range of interest outcomes that a fixed index annuity may generate over different time periods and market environments.
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income Estimator

The Power Series of Index Annuities® with Lifetime Income Choice℠ (Max Income Option)

  • Compare the retirement income generated by Max Income to that of a similar annuity product with a flat or level income withdrawal rate.

Power Select Plus Income® Index Annuity

  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income Estimator

Assured Edge® Calculator

Social Security Retirement Income Estimator

  • Enhanced to include divorced, widowed and Government Pension Offset (GPO)/Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) benefits

AQR DynamiQ Allocation IndexSM

Merrill Lynch Strategic Balanced Index

PIMCO Global Optima Index ®

Agent Account Registration

Client Account Registration


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